Music Festivals in USA

Lollapalooza is held in summer in Grant Park, Chicago.

This year Lolla celebrates the 25th anniversary and the founders prepared something special and tremendous for fans. Firstly, the lineup headed by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Major Lazer, Lana Del Rey, G-Eazy, Ellie Goulding, M83, Disclosure, Halsey and tens of well-known and loved artists. Moreover the festival will be going four days instead of 3 last year. Lollapalooza is a cocktail of music, dance, theatre and handicraft fair. Music here is diverse – heavy metal, punk rock, hip-hop. Lollapalooza discovered such stars as The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Machine, Green Day.

Want to have the greatest weekends of your life? Grab your friends and head to the fest! Keep dancing and singing your heart out. Relax in the grass. Take a minute to have some snack. Refuel. And go party rocking hard! Music is our DNA.

Burning Man

Just imagine: a city in the desert; culture of possibilities; a net of dreamers and doers. The Burning Man seems to be something unreal. It’s a mix of everything unformal in the world: art, people, place,

Benefits of Listening to Rap Music

Pardon the pun, but rap music often gets a bad rap. Many people misunderstand those in the rap community. For that reason, there are some who have only negative feelings about rap music. However, there are some benefits to listening to this type of music. If you are new to the rap music world, then you might try listening to Chris Manson rap. This will help immerse you into the rap world to see if it’s something you are interested in. To check out some of his music, please click here. In the meantime, here are some of the not so well known benefits of listening to rap music.


Many people do not know this, but rap is actually a form of poetry. In fact, rap stands for “rhythmically accentuated poetry.” It can be a great way for people to express themselves. You may have never thought of rap as a form of art, but it really is. If you have ever sat down and actually listened to the lyrics in some rap songs, then you might understand how it is considered art. Many rap songs

Music and labels

Ideally, music is something that should not be attached with a label. It is a universal language that everyone understands. Artists have always been around, because music has always been around. The only difference is that some artists made it big, while some did not. The latter had a more localized fan-following because they could not get their music distributed on a wider radius. The big recording and distributing labels picked artists very selectively. This cherry-picking left those that were not picked to do everything pretty much on their own. Through local gigs and independent recording, they got the ball rolling. This culture began to pick up pace from here, and there was the thought that big labels were no longer needed to live the music life. Artists from all over began to start up their own bands, and recording independently. This rift of sorts between independently produced music and mainstream releases caused a crack in the fan-following too. Mainstream artists had it big commercially, getting to tour on a global scale to promote their music, while independent artists were more or less local, or national at best.

Little by

Music promotion platform for music artists

Music meetup platforms as the very name suggests are platforms where the music artists, promoters and friends can come together to experience different forums about the music industry and positive music, showcases to share your original among the audience who understands and appreciates your music. Various listening sessions are organized with panels to evaluate your work constructively and lead you towards your progress and betterment. These platforms are most genuine forums for music artists and singers to form network, meet and collaborate with new friends and talk shops. The idea or objective behind any community is to uplift, support and enlighten the musicians, music artists and singers.

Impact of social media

Today when we talk about social media, the concept is no longer limited to what we call sharing pictures and updating profiles. There are special platforms and social networking sites dedicated to special purposes. For instance, the Singers and songwriters’ platform provide essential platform for the singers and music artists from across the globe to form networks and collaborate for business purposes. There are many such sites available in the internet today but you need to

Hip Hop and Become a Music Producer

Hip hop music is also known as rap music. This is a rhythmic music which is accompanied by rhyming and rhythmic speech. The hip hop culture is defined by some stylistic elements like scratching, dancing, rapping etc. There are different styles of this music, such as old school, new school, golden age, gangster, west coast etc. If you have basic knowledge on computer and music production software, then you can also make your own hip hop. You can become a music producer.

Many people especially the young people dream to become a music producer. Some of them discuss the matter with his or her friends and try to form a group. Among them just a few people become successful. Becoming a music producer is not an easy task. Many musical instruments, electrical devices, and instrument players are needed. A place is also necessary to play the instruments without hearing any complain from the neighbors. Very few people become successful to manage all of these things.

Good quality music production software can give you all these facilities to become a music producer. All you will need

Learn Music Production

As with any type of music production, psytrance has its own distinctive style and sound. There are a variety of techniques and processes that you can utilise in order for you to recreate that unique psytrance sound. It might sound obvious, but one of the most useful ways to help improve your arranging skills is to listen to more psytrance! Pick some of your favourite artists, or a particular artist that you want to sound similar to. Select just one of their tracks and listen to it several times. As you listen to the track, start to mentally pull apart the different elements of the track so that you able to define the parts and how they have been put together (e.g. intro, breaks etc.).

When developing your music production skills it’s important to get a good grasp of how other psytrance tracks have been arranged, as this skill can be directly transferred over to your own music production. The more familiar you can become with other psytrance tracks (even if it’s just three or four that you know inside out), the more you will find this understanding

Understanding Gospel Music

Another Uniquely American Invention, Black Gospel Music Lyrics and Songs are Universally Uplifting

When an individual not entirely familiar with the character of gospel music thinks of the genre, that person probably wouldn’t consider it as intricately tied into American culture. Perhaps that person would think of the kind of music often sung in black Churches, or the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” might pop into mind.

One might acknowledge the music’s relevance to specific niche groups of our society, but probably wouldn’t rank it nearly as influential as, say, Rock, Jazz, Rap, or even Country.

What most people don’t understand, but which is understood within the gospel song industry, is that ‘Gospel music’ isn’t just a single genre. The gospel label encompasses a wide range of sounds, styles, and messages, and the simplistic description of it as “God music” simply isn’t appropriate. In fact, understanding the evolution and impact of Gospel provides valuable insight in the character of American culture.

Black Gospel and Southern Gospel Explained

The primary difference was that Black Gospel was and still is primarily about God, while Southern Gospels tend to be addressed to God. Both genres, then also vary radically from other Christian music, with which

The King of Country Music

His full name is Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen and he was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, United States on the 23rd of September, the year was 1949. This leading country music singer, songwriter, guitarist and lively performer is known due to the exclusive and one-of-kind music he has created for country music fans over decades of his career. The great talented music artist created a unique blend of heartland rock along with pop music and won the hearts of millions around the world with this unique idea. The great musician is blessed naturally with the ability to write songs that are second to none. Bruce Springsteen writes about the realities of life and his main focus while writing lyrics for his songs is on the emotions of ordinary people. His early life was quite difficult and this is why he knows it more closely than any other songwriter how the ordinary people feel and the circumstances they usually go through.

Since Bruce Springsteen was born in New Jersey and has great memories from that part of the world, he often mentions this wonderful state of the US

Internet Music Radio Programmers

According to market report, the hybrid digital music program have aggregated service revenue hike of 28.6% in 2015, and the listening hour had increased 17%.  The revenue analytics and vital performance including monthly hours by programmer/service, subscriber totals (both domestic and international), inventory by avail format (audio, video, display), sellout rates, CPMs, gross media spend, revenue per thousand hours of programming (RPM) and expected total royalty rate fees paid across the industry at 47%.  Every 1,000 hours of listening across the spectrum of digital music services (excluding online song stores) is tracking at around US$58.97, and it is forecasted to improve steadily through 2018.

A few highlights of the market are as follows;

  • Mobile continues to be a growth engine for programmers.  Pandora delivers 83% of listening through non-desktop devices, while audio inventory loads and blended CPMs have also increased; the company has grown RPM by 30% over the past year.
  • Listening hours are on a trajectory to register 45 billion hours of audience engagement time across all devices connecting to broadcast streaming, track-play, subscription and ad supported music play libraries.  Ad-supported listening hours made up 76% of

Tips for Buying an Acoustic Guitar

If you want to buy a new acoustic guitar, there are going to be a few different things which you will want to look for. It will also be important that you choose the right brand of guitar, as this will be something which will ultimately affect the sound quality. Ibanez is one of the best and most respected manufacturers of guitars, so you will want to start by looking into some of the different models that they offer. You will need to take the time to look through as many of these guitars as possible though, because there are going to be hundreds of them to choose from.

There are lots of famous musicians that use Ibanez guitars, so you will certainly want to take the time to browse through some of the different ones they make before deciding on anything in particular. The material that you guitar is made from will also be important, so you will definitely need to take that into consideration as well. Some of the different materials that acoustic guitars are commonly made from include mahogany, spruce, maple, rosewood, and cedar.

Les Paul acoustic guitars

Buy Midi Drum Loops

If you are preparing for the upcoming rock concert to be held in your college, then get set to use Midi drum tracks. MIDI refers to Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a digital message format that allows electronic musical instrument to communicate and synchronize with each other. No matter you have a computer or other musical equipment such as synthesizers, drum machines, sound cards etc, MIDI will help you to control the volume, pitch and intensity of the music you are going to play.

In order to use midi beats into a song, it is not necessary for music lovers to have in-depth knowledge about the technological aspects. The easy way is to make decision for purchasing midi drum loops from reliable companies that provide dozens of MIDI drum patterns. There are some companies in Chicago that have a collection of over 2700 MIDI drum loops for Rock and Pop/Rock. You can choose midi loops according to your taste, preferences and budget and can create your own MIDI drum beats.

The companies in Chicago provide popular patterns of drum loops such as  Addictive Drums, Battery, BFD, BFD2, EZdrummer, Superior 2, Live Session

Music apps for Android smartphones

Following Spotify’s launch in the US last week, the Android market for music apps is absolutely booming and there’s still Google Music yet to launch in earnest. If you know your Jeff Buckley from your Jedward, then the time is right to pledge your allegiance to a music player or streaming service of distinction. If you thought the Grimes twins were the authors of ‘Grace’, then you definitely need to grab a music app. Allow Life Of Android to guide you through the finest available.

7 Digital

Since Android is an iTunes free zone, 7digital represents the best platform for mp3 hounds to legally download the latest chart-topping hits and golden oldies from classic artists. With a library of 15 million songs and the ability to wirelessly sync your purchased music from the cloud to your phone, it’s an attractive proposal made all the more alluring by a swish in-app music player. You’ll have to sign up to a 7digital account to start grabbing tracks but it’s a simple process and prices are competitive with albums selling from just £3, a ludicrously enticing offer.


Spotify exists for those people who prefer to access

Digital Sheet Music

Musical notation has been a part of human communication for a very long time. Tablets discovered in the ancient city of Ugarit in the Middle East date back to 1400 B.C. and are believed to contain the music for a hymn directed to the wife of the moon god. However, the real proliferation of sheet music didn’t occur until the 1800s when lithographic printing processes became widely available. In the past few years, the easy access to digital sheet music through the Internet has generated additional interest and sales.

Modern Technology

Up until just a few years ago, the purchase of sheet music was limited to the bricks-and-mortar world. Customers could visit a music store in their town or city to browse through bins filled with printed music available as single songs or collections. Popular collection themes included all the songs from a particular movie or Broadway musical, top hits from a group of years such as the 1960s, or songs recorded by one artist, such as the Beatles or Frank Sinatra. For musicians who lived in areas without an actual music store, sheet music could be ordered through catalogs from publishers and distributors.

Digital Sheet Music

The computer has changed all that. Now

Prom Music Song List

Let me guess, you have been brainstorming the possible prom ideas and maybe even browsed through our prom theme songs; but what about the prom music song list? There are many types of genres that are considered dance music for a high school prom. These variety span all age groups over multiple decades.

Music for a High School Prom

For example students that want top prom dance songs also want throwbacks. You would consider these songs MJ – Thriller, Rick James – Superfreak, Journey – Dont Stop Believing, Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby. Older songs might be a hot pick if it is a class song, or ties in with your school spirit (think mascot and local happenings).

Prom Music Song List

So we have laid it all out below. You can check out our song list of what to play at a high school prom. Once again, this is just to give you a general idea. For any play list that your committee puts together, keep in mind that all songs should be censored with a variety for the students. Remember that this is a dance and that you want to keep it fun for all musical preferences. You can

Effects of Music on the Mind You

The study of how music affects the mind has been a subject of interest for many. The interconnection between music and the physical and mental health of human beings has been researched on since long. Research has concluded that music does have positive effects on our mind. It has the power of healing certain ailments. Indian classical music has been found to have the strongest healing powers. Music has a calming effect on the mind. It is known to speed the recovery of health ailments. It helps fight anxiety and has a soothing effect on the brain.
Effects of Music on the Mental State
Fights Depression
Feeling depressed, gloomy or inadequate? Soothing music can help you. Depression reduces brain activity and hampers the mind’s ability to plan and carry out tasks. Lack of the neurotransmitter Serotonin, results in a depressed state of mind. Soothing musical notes help increase the Serotonin levels of the brain, thus alleviating mental depression. Natural musical notes are known to make the mind alert.

Relieves Anxiety
Anxiety is a feeling of fear or uncertainty that clouds your mind and the feeling is mostly about an upcoming event having an unknown outcome. The result is what

How Does Music Affect the Brain

Amidst the fanfare that the modern world is so used to, there is a gloomy corner carved out of the side effects of the same modernity. Depression, anxiety, or lack of concentration seem to be the order of the day, but there is hope in the form of music.

Inside Your Brain!
A study was conducted to track patient’s ratings of their own anxiety. Before undergoing a surgery, they were randomly assigned to listen to music or take antianxiety pills.
The Outcome: Patients who listened to music had less anxiety compared to those who took pills.
Music has been an integral part of the human lifestyle from a long time. It is believed to have been a part of civilizations which existed 50,000 years ago. It is very interesting to note that music evolved as a means of expression, and hence, generally reflects the social, economic, environmental, religious, and other aspects related to humans. Thus, music was, and still is, a way to express a range of emotions and feelings. This process, in itself, has a great relieving effect and works wonders for the peaceful operation of the brain. When the mental faculty is provided a vent for its

Top Popular Music Videos

Some music videos always hold a special place in our hearts, despite new trends and singers making their debut in the music industry. Take a look at some of the snazziest and the most popular music videos of all time.

Imagine a life without music! Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Well, there are many singers and rock groups who have made a mark on the music industry, whereas a few have sunk without a trace. There were groups that were one hit wonders, and then there were music icons. These singers have inspired many new groups and singers to follow their path. New talent continues to make a mark on the music scene, however, some of the music videos from the olden days still continue to rock fans whenever played on music channels. ‘The Beatles’, ‘Gun N’ Roses’, ‘Bon Jovi’, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many others left an indelible mark on the minds of all music lovers. Superb music, when combined with mind-blowing visuals, only adds to the grandeur of the music track. Let’s take a quick journey back into time, and know about some popular music videos that rocked the music world and occupied a permanent place in the

How to Learn Music

Do you want to know how to learn music notes in the quickest way possible? Well, read ahead if you want to learn music notes for a guitar or a piano.

Okay, I assume that you are a music enthusiast or an aspiring newbie musician who wants to learn music notes. Well, in this article, I will explain a bit regarding the procedure to learn music notes, using the reference of a musical instrument such as a guitar or a piano keyboard.

Please note: I will not be dealing with the topic of how to learn music notation. That, by far, is a very complex subject, and one which is certainly out of the scope of this article. Reading and writing music is something that you should learn on a personal level, i.e., on a face-to-face basis from a proper music teacher; not by yourself, and certainly NOT over the Internet.

In reality, if you really want to study music notes properly and understand them thoroughly, then the first thing you need to do, is get rid of that word ‘fast’ from your head, this very moment. The reason is, basic primary learning of musical notes may well be

Tips for Choosing the Right Drum Set

Drums come in a variety of sizes and types, so opting for one that best suits your needs is very important. This Buzzle article aims to help you pick the right drum set.

Owning a drum set is essential if one is interested in learning or playing the drums. Purchasing a drum kit, however, is no mean feat; on the contrary, one has to remember that it is a purchase which has to last for a considerate amount of time. Choosing the right drum set then is a crucial and important task that cannot be taken lightly.

Before we go into what type of drum set suits you the best, it is essential to know the components that make it a kit.

1. Bass Drum: Also known as kick drum, it is used to provide rhythm to a piece of music.
2. Snare Drum: Quite a contrast to the bass drum, it outlines the rhythmic framework and is used to highlight accents in the music.
3. High Tom: It’s a double-headed tom-tom drum that makes a higher sound and is placed atop the bass drum on the left side of the throne or player’s seat.
4. Mid Tom: Sitting atop the

Singing Tips for Beginners

If you are a singing enthusiast or someone who is new to serious singing, you may want to check out the following singing tips. These will not only lead you on to a great start, but will also help you in the long run.

Make no mistake, singing tips aren’t something that are applicable only to beginners or youngsters or newcomers to singing. Music is one such field wherein a singer (as well as a musician) forever remains a student. The day a singer or a musician starts feeling or behaving like a ‘Mr. Knows-it-all’, that’s when he stops getting better at his art, and that’s also when his decline as an artiste begins.

On the basis of all that I’ve learned, heard, read, seen, and experienced as a singer, here are a few singing tips that newcomers must make a ‘note’ of. Please Note: By ‘beginners’, I do not necessarily mean just kids or children. The magic of melody is such, that it arouses interest in a person’s mind at any time of his life. So the following apply to people of all ages, right from a 10-year-old girl to a retired grandfather.

Listen, Listen, Listen!
A singer should always listen to