Hip Hop and Become a Music Producer

Hip hop music is also known as rap music. This is a rhythmic music which is accompanied by rhyming and rhythmic speech. The hip hop culture is defined by some stylistic elements like scratching, dancing, rapping etc. There are different styles of this music, such as old school, new school, golden age, gangster, west coast etc. If you have basic knowledge on computer and music production software, then you can also make your own hip hop. You can become a music producer.

Many people especially the young people dream to become a music producer. Some of them discuss the matter with his or her friends and try to form a group. Among them just a few people become successful. Becoming a music producer is not an easy task. Many musical instruments, electrical devices, and instrument players are needed. A place is also necessary to play the instruments without hearing any complain from the neighbors. Very few people become successful to manage all of these things.

Good quality music production software can give you all these facilities to become a music producer. All you will need is a computer with necessary accessories and programs. Use the keyword “music production software” over the internet to find out some good quality software. DUB Turbo can be a good choice for producing music. Many software companies offer trial versions and money back guarantee. Download the trial versions and check the features of the software. If the features can meet all of your needs, then it will be able to produce your desired music.

Now the question is which features you should check. At first you should check the layout and interface of the program. After starting the program, look at the starting screen thoroughly. All the necessary commands and displays should be at user friendly locations. The data and graphs showing on the displays should be easily understandable. Then check what kinds of files you can import and open in the software. Also check the output formats in which the software will save the files.

Types of instruments and accessories that can support the software are also important. Some software will allow direct connections to other musical instruments; and will also allow to use the keyboard, mouse, and joystick as various musical instruments such as drums, keyboard, or guitar. Check all the things are easily accessible for you. Good quality music production software will allow you to add, erase, and copy sound tracks easily.

All the things mentioned above should be present in the production program. If everything is ok, open an existing music file and try to edit it as you want. This will help you to know about the editing features of the software. You can also start to produce a new hip hop music. Enter necessary rhythm, beats, and other sounds; then mix them to create your own music. You should have strong music sense to create successful hip hop music.

Learn Music Production

As with any type of music production, psytrance has its own distinctive style and sound. There are a variety of techniques and processes that you can utilise in order for you to recreate that unique psytrance sound. It might sound obvious, but one of the most useful ways to help improve your arranging skills is to listen to more psytrance! Pick some of your favourite artists, or a particular artist that you want to sound similar to. Select just one of their tracks and listen to it several times. As you listen to the track, start to mentally pull apart the different elements of the track so that you able to define the parts and how they have been put together (e.g. intro, breaks etc.).

When developing your music production skills it’s important to get a good grasp of how other psytrance tracks have been arranged, as this skill can be directly transferred over to your own music production. The more familiar you can become with other psytrance tracks (even if it’s just three or four that you know inside out), the more you will find this understanding and knowledge transfers over to you your own compositions.

Another useful tool when learning music production is to recreate a psytrance track from start to finish. Like before, pick one psytrance track that you like, and import it in to your DAW so that you can see the wave form of the track in the time line. As you listen to the track (and look at the wave form) you will be able to hear (and see) the changes in the arrangement as the track progresses. You can then start to improve your music production skills by recreating the track in the DAW, alongside the imported wave file.

By doing this you can match the audio style and arrangement of the original track. It doesn’t matter so much if the sounds that you synthesize or instruments that you pick are not exactly the same as the original track. What’s important is that you are able to further your music production skills by mimicking the changes in the arrangement that take place as the track progresses.

Understanding Gospel Music

Another Uniquely American Invention, Black Gospel Music Lyrics and Songs are Universally Uplifting

When an individual not entirely familiar with the character of gospel music thinks of the genre, that person probably wouldn’t consider it as intricately tied into American culture. Perhaps that person would think of the kind of music often sung in black Churches, or the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” might pop into mind.

One might acknowledge the music’s relevance to specific niche groups of our society, but probably wouldn’t rank it nearly as influential as, say, Rock, Jazz, Rap, or even Country.

What most people don’t understand, but which is understood within the gospel song industry, is that ‘Gospel music’ isn’t just a single genre. The gospel label encompasses a wide range of sounds, styles, and messages, and the simplistic description of it as “God music” simply isn’t appropriate. In fact, understanding the evolution and impact of Gospel provides valuable insight in the character of American culture.

Black Gospel and Southern Gospel Explained

The primary difference was that Black Gospel was and still is primarily about God, while Southern Gospels tend to be addressed to God. Both genres, then also vary radically from other Christian music, with which they are often confused. The history of Gospel is rich and intricate. So, to make it simple, let’s look at it from two basic perspectives. We’ll take the earlier examples, and consider black Church music, and the kinds of sounds people know from O Brother Where Art Thou. These two perspectives summarize the essential roots of Gospel music, as a fusion between early American white and black culture.

Similar Roots to Jazz

Black church music is probably the most obvious example of gospel music that people have in their minds. Similarly to Jazz, this type of music traces its roots back to slave spirituals sung in the 19th century, and, also like Jazz, continues its evolution up through work songs sung in labor camps in the early 20th century. However, it splits from the more secular jazz music at this point.

Segregation Breeds Invention

Due much in part to the segregation of America in the early and mid twentieth century, black churches quickly developed a very different culture than those that white people often attended. The oral tradition that began with black spirituals had grown and developed, and synthesizing with religious connotations, found its way into churches. These spirituals became a staple part of church life, but never saw much commercialization until the end of the 20th century. After public exposure in film and even some pop music, perhaps most famously by Madonna in “Like a Prayer, gospel music, alongside and sometimes overlapping the growing popularity of rap, black gospel has become not only a viable commercial enterprise, but a prominent, if understated, feature of American culture.

Southern Gospel has ingrained itself in American culture in a similar manner, though its evolution is surprisingly analogous. Think of George Clooney crooning away in the hit movie “Oh Brother, Where art Thou?”. The type of music he sings there is actually representative of one of the few musical genres that has maintained its popularity since the early days of sound recording. This type of music has its origins in a mixture of the slave spirituals of black gospel, and a more Puritan sound known as heart song. This acapella music, one of the few really acceptable in Puritan society, was commonly sung in praise of God and spirituality. Fast forward 150 years or so, and there’s a new industry booming through the use of radio and recorded songs. Very quickly the easy, upbeat, and catchy sounds of quartet music gained prominence with listeners.

It’s important to point out that while Southern Gospel is different from ‘black’ Gospel, that doesn’t mean one is just in the domain of the white folks while the other is for black folks. Many of the early quartet groups had some or all black members. In fact, as Black Gospel did not gain popularity outside of black culture until many decades later, these quartets were one the earliest opportunities for black entertainers to gain mainstream attention and recognition.

As Popular as Ever

Nearly a century later, and much of Southern Christian Gospel has remained unchanged. While its popularity died in the middle of the century, the couple Bill and Gloria Gaith did much to revive it in the early 90’s through a massive national tour. This inspired a movement that reached out to new listeners, and eventually grew into Progressive Christian Gospel, a sub-genre that mixes elements of traditional, traditional Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, modern country, contemporary Christian and pop music. This evolution has helped spread its popularity and accessibility, particularly among younger listeners.

Today, Southern Christian Gospel remains one of the most popular forms of music in the country, though it functions within a very closed community. Despite this exclusiveness, its influence has spread to other countries, particularly Ireland, (List others). More than being simply religious Southern Christian Gospel represents the spiritual and aethetic characteristic of American society.

So, while one might not see billboards prominently displaying the latest Gospel artists, or read about it in history textbooks, it remains an important and stalwart part of the American identity.

The King of Country Music

His full name is Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen and he was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, United States on the 23rd of September, the year was 1949. This leading country music singer, songwriter, guitarist and lively performer is known due to the exclusive and one-of-kind music he has created for country music fans over decades of his career. The great talented music artist created a unique blend of heartland rock along with pop music and won the hearts of millions around the world with this unique idea. The great musician is blessed naturally with the ability to write songs that are second to none. Bruce Springsteen writes about the realities of life and his main focus while writing lyrics for his songs is on the emotions of ordinary people. His early life was quite difficult and this is why he knows it more closely than any other songwriter how the ordinary people feel and the circumstances they usually go through.

Since Bruce Springsteen was born in New Jersey and has great memories from that part of the world, he often mentions this wonderful state of the US in his songs. The great artist has not only been able to win repute and fame across the United States but also in other countries across the globe. Springsteen has been able to get numerous awards and achievements to his credit. Talking generally, Springsteen has already won fifteen Grammy Awards as well as the world’s most prestigious award the Oscar on account of extraordinary contribution he did to the country music. The authentic sources state that Bruce Springsteen has sold more than sixty million albums only within the United States whereas other albums sold around the world are beyond counting. The most popular albums so far by Bruce Springsteen include Born in the USA and Born to Run. Apart from the truly unique music style of Springsteen, he has got himself recognized as one of the liveliest performers on the country music scene. The great Springsteen has been able to support a number of nonprofit organizations around the world. The Bruce Springsteen concert tickets are hard to come by and his fans are always in a hunt for cheaper ones online in advance.

He has contributed greatly towards relief and rebuilding efforts in the state New Jersey as well because of his attachment to this state as his birthplace. After the distressing attacks on the world trade center on September, 11th 2001, Bruce Springsteen made a new album ‘The Rising’ in which it’s clearly visible that he was too saddened over the incident. Springsteen’s recordings are usually a blend of somber folk music and rock. Moreover, the other factors behind immense popularity of Bruce Springsteen include his anthems that he sings on various national events and patriotic days. To buy Bruce Springsteen tickets his fans are always on the lookout of his concert schedule online. His lively rock n roll tunes are appreciated and listen to, all over the United States and around the world. His fans gave him the name of ‘The Boss’ which apparently he didn’t like but he himself mentions his name ‘Boss’ at many occasions every now and then.