Music Festivals in USA

Lollapalooza is held in summer in Grant Park, Chicago.

This year Lolla celebrates the 25th anniversary and the founders prepared something special and tremendous for fans. Firstly, the lineup headed by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Major Lazer, Lana Del Rey, G-Eazy, Ellie Goulding, M83, Disclosure, Halsey and tens of well-known and loved artists. Moreover the festival will be going four days instead of 3 last year. Lollapalooza is a cocktail of music, dance, theatre and handicraft fair. Music here is diverse – heavy metal, punk rock, hip-hop. Lollapalooza discovered such stars as The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Machine, Green Day.

Want to have the greatest weekends of your life? Grab your friends and head to the fest! Keep dancing and singing your heart out. Relax in the grass. Take a minute to have some snack. Refuel. And go party rocking hard! Music is our DNA.

Burning Man

Just imagine: a city in the desert; culture of possibilities; a net of dreamers and doers. The Burning Man seems to be something unreal. It’s a mix of everything unformal in the world: art, people, place, music, clothes, etc. If you have not been there you won’t understand what it’s all about. This festival creates a unique world in the middle of nowhere in the Black Rock desert. You need to bring all you need for survival: sleep-place, water, food. DJs spin music the whole day and night, artists put their installations, and it all culminates in burning of several huge wood figures in Saturday after sunset. Just “passers-by” and viewers are not allowed to be in the fest. Each should show his creativity: artistic installations, body-art, unusual clothes and so on. No rules and no limits for the festival space. You can sit where you want, you can do what you wish, BUT all you do should be positive and contribute some part of your soul to create the atmosphere of tribal life and ancient culture with modern format. This is what heals you from outworld problems, changes your mind, saves love and peace and makes you a child of nature.

If you get a chance to immerse yourself into this esoteric world, then don’t just pass by. You will feel the essence of life. You will feel the universe inside you.


The main reason to visit Seattle is the Bumbershoot fest taking place in the center of the city each September. It’s one of a kind in this region and it can be considered steady as its popularity only increases with a course of time. This event highlights not only music performed by local and world-famous stars like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Death Cab for Cutie, KYGO. The program also contains cinematography, dance, theatre, genius ideas and all kinds of creative work. People come with their families, because here they expand their view of the world, enrich their inner world, taste dishes cooked by big and small restaurants, enjoy beauty in life. Develop yourself from all sides. Spend family holidays at Bumbershoot!

Kwanzaa Festival

One week before New Year streets of American cities will be filled with tribal songs and exotic drum rhythms of wild and mysterious Africa. Black continent’s culture entered into the American continent together with African slaves. This people save carefully memories of their ancestral home. On New Year ‘s Eve Afro-americans celebrate the Kwanzaa festival (from Swahili word “matunda ya kwanza” meaning the “first fruit of yield”), aimed to remind about their traditions and cultural patterns. One of the biggest events of this kind – Capital City Kwanzaa Festival is usually held in Richmond suburb, Virginia. Celebration usually begins in the family circle. In the evening all members dressed into national African clothes gather for dinner. There is an altar with candles, fruits and other symbols of yield on a dinner table. At meal they discuss 7 basic principles of African culture – self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperated economics, tenacity for purpose, creativity and faith. Besides they organize concerts of ethnic music and dances, memorial services, fairs and educational and outreach campaigns.  Come and visit Kwanzaa fest! Plunge into ancient culture of so far Africa and you will surely be astonished by richness of our world!

Benefits of Listening to Rap Music

Pardon the pun, but rap music often gets a bad rap. Many people misunderstand those in the rap community. For that reason, there are some who have only negative feelings about rap music. However, there are some benefits to listening to this type of music. If you are new to the rap music world, then you might try listening to Chris Manson rap. This will help immerse you into the rap world to see if it’s something you are interested in. To check out some of his music, please click here. In the meantime, here are some of the not so well known benefits of listening to rap music.


Many people do not know this, but rap is actually a form of poetry. In fact, rap stands for “rhythmically accentuated poetry.” It can be a great way for people to express themselves. You may have never thought of rap as a form of art, but it really is. If you have ever sat down and actually listened to the lyrics in some rap songs, then you might understand how it is considered art. Many rap songs are beautifully written, and they can have amazing messages in them. Seeing rap as a form of poetry helps make many people change their perspective on the rap music world.

Good Rhythm

 Most people know that rap songs typically have a good beat to them. That’s why it is so popular. It’s something many people enjoy listening to as it can stimulate the brain. Sometimes, people find that listening to a bit of rap can open their mind and help them figure things out that have been perplexing them.

Get Out Emotions

Sometimes, listening to rap music is a great way to get out some of your negative emotions. While rap music isn’t always negative, many people prefer a fast paced song with a good beat when they are trying to vent some of their frustrations. Turn on some Chris Manson rap next time you are feeling angry, and you may find that it helps you release some of your pent up frustration.

Good Workout Music

Rap music gets a lot of people pumped up, and it can be great for working out. You may find when you are listening to rap music, that you have a more productive workout than when you are not. Go to a gym and you will notice that most people have headphones in while they work out. There is a good reason for this. People listen to music that motivate and inspire them to work out. While this can vary from person to person, rap is a popular choice because it has a beat that keeps people feeling upbeat.

As you can see, there are several benefits to rap music that you were not aware of before. Rap is so commonly misunderstood that many people have a hard time understanding the benefits. Chris Manson rap is a good place to start if you are looking for some rap music to try. Give the music a listen and see if it’s something you enjoy and could start listening to.

Music and labels

Ideally, music is something that should not be attached with a label. It is a universal language that everyone understands. Artists have always been around, because music has always been around. The only difference is that some artists made it big, while some did not. The latter had a more localized fan-following because they could not get their music distributed on a wider radius. The big recording and distributing labels picked artists very selectively. This cherry-picking left those that were not picked to do everything pretty much on their own. Through local gigs and independent recording, they got the ball rolling. This culture began to pick up pace from here, and there was the thought that big labels were no longer needed to live the music life. Artists from all over began to start up their own bands, and recording independently. This rift of sorts between independently produced music and mainstream releases caused a crack in the fan-following too. Mainstream artists had it big commercially, getting to tour on a global scale to promote their music, while independent artists were more or less local, or national at best.

Little by little, as the fanfare for indie rock music grew, more and more independent studios began coming up, giving these artists more throttle to keep working. A few of the famous indie bands of the early days are R.E.M. of the USA and The Smiths from the UK. The early indie bands somehow came to be recognized by a rather stereotyped description: half-long hair, skinny bodies, sunglasses and tight jeans, etc. It is a subject of wonder how this came into being. Indie bands today are tasting success on a global scale without the long hair and sunglasses. A prime example of one such band is Coldplay. If you’re into rock music news, you would know about them. Their different style of music, the colors and creative rock music videos, almost everything, really – it sparks an inspiration in you. They are on the same level as any mainstream music band of today – take Linkin Park, for instance – having started up as indies. Other famous indie bands of today include Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys. Today, there is there is opportunity for indie artists to make it big.

While in the early days it was not considered good by the standards of the society to go into the mode of independent production, today, the mind-set has flipped 180 degrees. Today if you visit a music book store, you would find do-it-yourself manuals on just about anything that has something to do with music. The DIY guide to playing musical instruments, DIY guide to recording music, DIY guide to videography and editing – it’s all there. Music is being promoted in all nooks and crannies of this world; it is now being accepted as an independent production. If anything, indie artists are looked at with respect. Indie artists today can be seen in small gigs in cafés, in parties and gatherings, etc. being invited to play for the guests. They get the marketing they need through this.

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Music promotion platform for music artists

Music meetup platforms as the very name suggests are platforms where the music artists, promoters and friends can come together to experience different forums about the music industry and positive music, showcases to share your original among the audience who understands and appreciates your music. Various listening sessions are organized with panels to evaluate your work constructively and lead you towards your progress and betterment. These platforms are most genuine forums for music artists and singers to form network, meet and collaborate with new friends and talk shops. The idea or objective behind any community is to uplift, support and enlighten the musicians, music artists and singers.

Impact of social media

Today when we talk about social media, the concept is no longer limited to what we call sharing pictures and updating profiles. There are special platforms and social networking sites dedicated to special purposes. For instance, the Singers and songwriters’ platform provide essential platform for the singers and music artists from across the globe to form networks and collaborate for business purposes. There are many such sites available in the internet today but you need to conduct appropriate research in order to register in the most genuine and promising sites of all.

Often the Music Artists Meet-up platforms are dedicated to the aspiring singers and independent music artists with great talent. Getting connected and expanding networksemerges as a herculean task for independent music artists. The meetup platforms are designed in a way to promote independent and aspiring talents. They allow creating and joining groups, submitting your profile to promote your singing talents to friends, families, your fans and music agents. The exposure can be also used to pick up more local gigs and open door to several opportunities for more business.

Many such platforms often organized local groups or locate one of the thousands already meeting up face to face. The platforms are designed specifically to revitalize local community and help the people around to self organize. Every individual has the ability to change their personal world or the environment around by organizing themselves into groups of likeminded individuals that are powerful individual to make a difference.

The Meet-up platforms are designed to facilitate the independent and aspiring music artists. It is the forum that helps the aspiring artists to explore and access opportunities for their music production and music promotion. The community formed will particularly focus on uplifting, supporting and enlightening the aspiring and independent music artists.

It is not very easy to make a place for yourself in the music industry and maintain it like forever. Further if you don’t belong to the industry or if you are not related to it anyhow you might find it difficult to make your way through it. Under such difficult circumstances it is always great to find a forum promising to assist you in your endeavor. Platforms for Meet up artist are a great idea to promote young talents and bring them in to light. One of the most important pre requisite for any artist in order to establish his career is the scope to explore opportunities. Artist meet up platforms is the most innovative idea to bring the new and independent artists closer to their career opportunities.

Meetup artists provide them with the platform where they can meet likeminded musician and form network with them or associate. They can also use this networking opportunity to give shape to some future music ventures. Capitalizing on the talents of newbies in the industry is very important. When amalgamated with likeminded artists many opportunities can pop up that will definitely benefit the different sections of people in the music industry.

The most important aspect of getting yourself placed in the music industry is to gain the appropriate exposure. The best singers and songwriters’ meet up platform provides you with the most important opportunity to get noticed in the industry by gaining the adequate exposure. The Meetup platform therefore, is a boon for aspiring artists who want to make a career in the music industry.