Melbourne’s Premier Boutique Music Studio

UPWARD Studios is Melbourne’s Premier Boutique Music Studio UPWARD Studios is Melbourne’s premier music production studio. UPWARD offers a complete range of services including composing, recording and production. UPWARD was founded by the award winning producer and composer Robert Upward. UPWARD provides professional music recording and production services. UPWARD offers musicians unparalleled quality of production and recording. Using UPWARD you will have access to some of Australia’s leading producers, sound engineers, arrangers and composers.

UPWARD works with both experienced musicians and those who may be going into the studio for the first time. UPWARD have the experience to ensure that you receive a perfect reordering of your song. When you use UPWARD studios you can be confident that you are going to get a great result every single time. UPWARD is happy to provide a free consultation to discuss how the studio can best accommodate your needs. If you are looking for songwriting services then UPWARD would love to talk with you. UPWARD studios has delivered a impressive number of hits, proving a team of producers in writers based out of Los Angeles and Melbourne. Our songwriting and music composer team can write for you or work together on a project that you have in mind.

UPWARD works across genres and is happy to collaborate a wide range of projects. UPWARD has worked with popular pop acts like emaar whose dance and electro-pop hits have featured in top 10 Kiss FM Dance Charts and been nominated for a number of prestigious industry dance awards. UPWARD has also worked with jazz and soul acts like Mizz Jarviz and the chilled grooves of Yolk. UPWARD has also written songs for the Australia’s longest lasting and internationally famous TV show Home and Away. UPWARD studios has both composed and recorded songs for some of Australia’s leading advertising campaigns. Included among UPWARDs advertising work is the “It’s Got It All” song which was written for the Country Racing spot. The composition was nominated for the APRA Screen Msyic Awards in 2016. UPWARD firmly believes in the difference that the right music can make to a an advertisement. Music is able to make an emotional connection with a consumer which can stay with them long after they have finished watching an ad. UPWARD studios works across musical genres meaning that they are able to compose for all varieties of products and services. UPWARD studios has relationships with a deep pool of highly talented musicians. We work collaboratively with our clients and the selected musicians to deliver soundscapes, compositions and jingles which perfectly match the product that is being advertised. Music is critical for creating a mood and enhancing the experience of watching a television show or film. The right musical score helps to tell the story and transform the emotions of the narrative. In order to maximise the musical score it is critical that the composer understands the creative vision of the TV show or film.

UPWARD studios is highly experienced in working collaboratively with production teams to deliver exactly the right composition. Our musical scores will both match and enhance the storyline and cinematography of the work. UPWARD has worked on feature films like Fatal Honeymoon which stars Harvey Keitel. UPWARD has also worked in documentary including Seven Networks doc The Real Thing. Robert Upward is a professional composer who is known within the industry for both his creativity and technical competence. Upward works as a producer, songwriter and screen composer, alongside owning and operating UPWARD studios. Upward has served as judge for the prestigious AACTA Awards and Tropscore.

He was also the composer of the high regarded SBS documentary Immigration Nation. This documentary received a nomination for the AACTA / AFI Award for the Best Documentary series in 2012. Upward was also a finalist for the 2004 APRA Screen Music Awards as a result of his composition for the documentary Docklands. In addition to his work for television and film, Upward has worked with the emaar. The pop acts hit track “Stay”, which Upland composed, was a finalist for the Independent Music Awards. Upward has worked extensively as a composer for the advertising industry. Here is has worked with some of the leading brands in Australia including Toyota, Swisse, and L’Oreal. No matter what your musical needs UPWARD studios is here to help. UPWARD offers friendly, no-obligation advice, so get in contact and find out what UPWARD can do for you.