What To Look For In A Starter Drone, According To A Review Of The U818A

One of the most common mistakes people make with drones is trying to learn on one that is too advanced for their level of skill. Mastering the art of flying a drone without crashing it into a building or a tree takes a lot of practice and necessarily involves some mistakes. Starting out with a high-end model that costs several thousand dollars – or giving one to your 12-year-old – is almost a guarantee of disaster. A review of the u818a discusses some of the features that make it a perfect starter drone.

First of all, a drone that you’re going to learn on should not be too expensive. At well under a hundred dollars, the u818a is a good choice for first-time drone buyers. What makes it even cheaper is the modular design, which allows you to replace individual parts. This means that when the drone bangs into the side of your house, you can just replace one broken propeller rather than having to buy a whole new machine.

Second, controllability is an important feature for non-experts. The u181a is relatively easy to control, even for beginners with no flight experience whatsoever. There is no set-up required to start using it beyond putting in the batteries, and once it’s in the air, it has a six-axis gyro that gives it stability. The drone is sensitive to the controller, but not so powerful that it will suddenly shoot out of sight. The controller features a beginner mode and an expert mode, which gives new users a starting place.

Third, look for a decent camera. You won’t find a low-cost drone with a professional quality camera, but you don’t want to skip the camera/video feature altogether since that is a big part of the drone-flying experience. Without a gimbal system, the u181a’s video is a bit shaky; however, the video quality is good enough to make it fun to take aerial footage and show it off to friends. A unique aspect of this drone is its virtual reality capability, allowing the user with a VR headset to experience the sensation of flight from the drone’s point of view.